Java: Working with Local Currencies

Monday May 17th 2021 by MS Sridhar
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This short Java tutorial talks about working with local currencies. Learn more.

In Java, we can work with local currencies by using Java's built-in support for currency, called java.util.Locale. Here is an example program and code snippet showing how to use the local currency library.


import java.text.NumberFormat;  
import java.util.Locale;  

public class LocaleBasedCurrency {

    public static void main(String[] args)
		LocaleBasedCurrency localeBasedCurrency = new LocaleBasedCurrency();

	private void proceed(Locale localeArg)
		double doubleValue = 1400.65;  
		NumberFormat numberFormat = NumberFormat.getCurrencyInstance(localeArg);  
		String localBasedcurrency = numberFormat.format(doubleValue);  
		System.out.println("Locale: " + localeArg + ", Currency: " + localBasedcurrency);



$java LocaleBasedCurrency
Locale: en_US, Currency: $1,400.65
Locale: en_GB, Currency: £1,400.65
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