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Wednesday Apr 11th 2018 by Octavia Anghel
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Language: Web, Expertise: Intermediate - Learn how to embed interactive content into your HTML pages.

To embed interactive content, such as a sound, a movie or an swf file, into your site, you need to use this HTML tag. Upload the wav (or the desired file content) document to the server and paste the HTML code below into your project.

<!DOCTYPE html
<embed src = "sound.wap" autostart = "false" loop = "false" hidden= "false" width = "150" height= "130" controls= "console"

src = the url of the object data

autostart = true = sound starts automatically / (false) = sound does not start automatically

loop = true = repeat the sound indefinitely / (false) = repeat the sound once

hidden = the control bar is not displayed / (false) = the control bar is displayed

When you decide to display this control bar, you must use the attributes:

width = control bar width

height = the height of the control bar
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